5 Habits To Take Your Career From Failing To Winning


Have a lackluster job? Don’t feel like you’re where you should be in your career? Well, if this is the case you need to do something before it’s too late. Don’t wait around hoping your career will take off without putting in any extra effort. With a few helpful habits you can turn your career around and get back in the game:

Here’s how:

1. Don’t be a Yes Man
Saying “yes” to every little task you are asked to do, doesn’t always win you extra points. If anything, you are taking on too much responsibility and it will show in other areas of your work. Set boundaries and limits for yourself, and stick to them. Often, your boss will respect you for having an opinion and being able to set limits. With all of that being said, it can be a little awkward to turn down a task. Here are some ways you can say “No”, without actually saying, no:

  • I have too much on my plate right now, with project X and Z due soon.

  • Could you help me get all my tasks prioritized?

  • Doing this means I couldn’t do project X this week. Is that a good trade-off

2. Don’t Listen To Your Boss (Yea, you heard that right)
Bosses are humans too, (some) actually want their employees to like them. Don’t take advantage of your bosses kindness. If you see that your boss is staying till a set time everyday, adjust your schedule to the same, so if they need your help with something, they’ll always know you’ll be there.

This can also be said of projects that you are assigned. If you’re running behind on a project and you confront your boss about it and they say “No big deal, just get it to me when you can,” but their body language says otherwise, do not listen to their words! By busting your butt and getting the project done as soon as possible, you will make your boss immensely happier, than had you waited a few days to get to it.

3. Be Friendly (To Everyone)
It doesn’t matter how low on the totem pole the person at the company is, you should have the mindset that they are all your colleagues. This includes the janitors, receptionists, security guards, all the way up to the CFO, CEO, and Founder. Show kindness and foster relationships with everyone you work with.

4. Company Culture
Recognize what your company does and does not like. If your company loves for employees to share creative and unique ideas, then this is something you need to know and participate in. On the other hand, if the CEO likes to stay more conventional, you need to follow in suit. It’s essential that you act correspondingly with the culture of your company.

5. Do More Without Being Asked
Be eager to please. If you see that something has’t been done, either get to doing it or ask your boss if you can start working on it. Don’t sit and wait to be told or asked to do something if it’s already on your radar. Showing this eagerness and determination to success will do wonders for getting you noticed by upper level management.

Now, get out there and get started. Don’t wait around

Start working on implementing these habits into your everyday work life NOW! The longer you wait around, the longer you’ll continue to be stuck in a place you do not want to be.

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