Cover Letter Craziness – Mistakes to avoid making on your cover letter


Cover letters can be tough. You want to win over the hiring manager reading your letter and stand out amongst other candidates. In doing this, be sure you don’t make any of these cover letter hiccups.

“My resume is attached. Please let me know if you have any questions”
Never, ever, ever simply submit a cover letter that’s only content says to view your resume. The point of the cover letter is to explain how your past experience would make a good fit for the position.

“I’ve been searching for a job for month’s now and would accept any part-time of full-time work”
Don’t sound desperate. Even if you are desperate and would literally take anything, don’t let them know that. Any prospective employer wants your cover letter to display your desire to work for their company and make them feel like the job would be a major milestone for you.

“Currently my wife and I are looking to move to the Midtown area and get away from the suburbs where we have raised our two children who are now out of the house.”
Not to be rude, but how does this show off your skillsets or how you’ll benefit the company? Don’t get us wrong, this information would make for great small talk, but only after you’ve landed the job and are connecting with your new coworkers.

“I’m eager to see how your company can help me expand my current clientele”
Whoever will be reading your cover letter is more interested in what you can do for the company. Saying something similar to the statement above is very self serving and will not earn you any brownie points with the hiring manager.

“My background in recruiting for IT…”
There is a reason why you double, triple, and quadruple check your cover letter and resume, to avoid careless mistakes such as this one. For some employers, they will automatically rule you out as a candidate if you make such a negligent mistake. These days, there are so many spell checking tools, this is easy to avoid. So check your cover letter yourself, have a friend read over it, and if you want to be completely sure, download a grammar checker like Ginger.

The 2,000 word cover letter
Last, but certainly not least, do not make your cover letter to lengthy. Just as with your resume, you want your cover letter to get your point across with as few word as possible. Hiring managers do not have the time nor the energy to read a cover letter that might as well be a short story. Keep it short and sweet in three to four paragraphs.

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