Dress the Part: What to Wear to an Interview


According to Business Insider, you only have 7 seconds to make a first impression. The first thing the interviewer will notice in those 7 seconds is what you are wearing. They see this before you shake hands, before you introduce yourself, before anything. So, you need to be dressed to impress. Follow some of these guidelines when picking out your interview outfit and you will be set!

Pick a very neutral color, like black, grey, or navy. If you are going to be wearing a suit with a skirt, then make sure that the skirt is an appropriate length and not too tight. Pair your suit with a blouse of a coordinating color.

Choose a pair of conservative shoes. This isn’t the time to bring out the stilettos with sequins. Make sure that the color is neutral and matches your suit or blouse.

Too much bling could be a bad thing. You don’t want to wear any jewelry that is too bold and could take their focus off you when you are speaking. Keep it simple. If you are married, of course leave your wedding ring on. A simple set of pearls or other necklace is fine also, paired with stud earrings.

Makeup and Hair
Opt for a more fresh face makeup style. Don’t worry about contouring or getting the perfect smokey eye. Just do a very simple approach with calm colors that suit your skintone. For your hair, we suggest wearing it pulled back in a ponytail or bun, or straight down.

Like the ladies, something navy or grey works best. A white button down long sleeve shirt underneath will pair nicely with whatever color your suit is. For your tie, pick a solid color or simple print. Don’t use your tie to show your sense of humor or school spirit.

Wear a pair of leather shoes that will pair nicely with the rest of your attire. Make sure to wear dark colored socks as well.

Unless you have a buzz cut or are bald, you will want to take a minute or two on your hair. Comb it and style it in a nice, professional way.

Other general tips:

  • Don’t bring coffee or soda into the interview with you.

  • If you have a lot of piercing’s, take some of them out. Usually just wearing earrings is a good choice.

  • Cover up your tattoos the best you can.

  • Absolutely no gum. Never walk into an interview smacking on a piece of juicy fruit.

  • Turn your cell phone off and put it in your purse or briefcase.

  • Pop a breath mint.

Taking the extra effort to dress for the job could be the difference between you landing the job or not. If you wow them with your resume, but are dressed like a slob, it might be the deciding factor between them choosing to give you an offer or not. Make sure all your bases are covered so you can make a great first impression. Good luck!

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