Jennifer Spencer – It’s a relationship, not just a network connectionLess

November 24, 2015

Jennifer Spencer

When Jennifer Spencer is in the market looking for a new job, Nancy Zucker and HR Search Partners are always the first place she turns.

Jennifer first met Nancy nice years ago while she was working at Bloomberg. Fast forward about 9 years, Jennifer is now working as an IT Recruiter and says that she still has a strong relationship with Nancy. She has used HR Search Partners numerous times since the two first connected. “Nancy is always very responsive,” Jennifer says, “and she’s great at networking.” Something that has helped Jennifer achieve her goals.

In the past, Jennifer has used other Executive Search and Consulting Firms to help her secure a job. However, according to Jennifer, they are no match for the expertise and relationship she has developed with Nancy. Jennifer says HR Search Partners “stands out” amongst the rest. She attributes this to the attitude that is displayed towards all their clients and candidates.

“Nancy really engages and truly cares about the people she works with,” Jennifer said. “It’s a relationship, not just a network connection.”

Jennifer feels that it’s Nancy’s approach in the way she makes her clients feel comfortable that makes Nancy unlike any other recruiter.

“Nancy Zucker is professional, smart and really knows how to match talent with the right organization,” Jennifer said. “For this very reason, I always recommend Nancy and HR Search Partners to my friends and coworkers.

Juhi – Finding the Correct Puzzle Pieces for the Right Person

November 3, 2015


Juhi had the pleasure of first meeting Nancy nearly a decade ago through connections in the HR profession. Through Nancy, Juhi was able to secure a position as a consultant at a bank. Serving as Juhi’s go-to-person, Nancy greatly assisted Juhi in all her job placement needs. For Juhi, what sets Nancy apart from the rest of the competition is her tenacity and enthusiasm in helping to find the right position for the right person.

“It’s a good marriage between the client and the consultant,” Juhi said. “Nancy is very easy to work with and is really good at fitting the right puzzle pieces with each one of her clients.”

With Nancy’s assistance, Juhi was able to secure three large job placements throughout her career. The last being a consulting position at a video game studio.

“Nancy is very personable and caring,” Juhi said. “She is always available to bounce ideas off of. She listens and is very responsive. These are all qualities that set her apart from other recruiters.”

Juhi loves working with Nancy and says the upside is huge. As a contract recruiter, Juhi is able to work mainly from home, allowing her a great deal of flexibility and the ever so important work-life balance.

“It’s very important for recruiters to develop fruitful and meaningful relationships with job candidates, and Nancy does just that,” Juhi said. “Unlike many other recruiters, Nancy understands and values the true meaning of relationships.”

Steve Green – Using HR Search Partners is an Ethical ChoiceLess

September 17, 2015

steve green

For two and a half decades Steve Green has been able to call upon Nancy Zucker in times of need. Nancy and Steve met when Steve was at a consulting firm and Nancy was a client of his. Since then Steve speaks to Nancy and HR Search Partners first when he needs to add to his team. Currently the Director of Recruiting for Kroll – a global provider of risk solutions – Steve finds himself covering territories in the Americas and beyond.

“Nancy will give her blunt feedback – that relationship is very rare.” This is why Steve turns to HR Search Partners and Nancy in particular for his most critical HR hiring needs. “I work with very few firms, when you have too many they step on each other’s toes.” Its also a firm’s ethics that drew Steve to working with HRSP. “Most firms will present candidates in such a way that they seem perfect but in reality that isn’t the case at all.” Steve recently needed an addition to his team and turned to Nancy. “What she presented is who he interviewed.” Prior to the interview Nancy was available to discuss the “Plusses and minuses” of the candidate he was meeting with. The interview resulted in a hire to Steve’s team.

Steve has seen quite a change in recruiting over the past few decades. “When I started in recruiting there wasn’t the technology they have today.” Steve has seen recruiters relying less on networking and more on technology, “recruiters will rely on posting on Social networks and databases rather than networking.” One thing that hasn’t changed is that Steve can always trust HR Search Partners to give him the right candidate first.

Regeena Jimenez – Relationships are the foundation upon which success is built…

September 4, 2015

Regeena Jimenez

Relationships are the foundation upon which success is built, and Regeena Jimenez can attest to that.

Regeena is an accomplished human resources professional with more than 15 years of compensation experience and 17 years of HR experience. Regeena first contacted Nancy Zucker several years ago after she saw a job listing that Nancy had posted online.

Nancy’s guidance and expertise helped Regeena jump-start and build her career, assisting her with securing all of the jobs she’s had including her current role as the Director of Compensation at AdvantageCare Physicians. Each of the positions that Nancy assisted Regeena in landing were uniquely suited to Regeena’s background.

“Nancy is really my go-to person,” Regeena said. “She has a knack for remembering what her clients are looking for and calls whenever she finds a job that she feels best suits them.”

Nancy spent much time guiding and coaching Regeena, particularly in the early stages of her career. She would always give Regeena a breakdown of who she should expect to meet with, offering valuable details about the hiring manager and what to expect throughout the interview process.

“I’ve worked with other firms in the past, but none to the extent of Nancy’s firm,” Regeena said. “She is the first person I reach out to when considering a career move, and she always comes through for me.”

Regeena still remains in touch with Nancy, and highly recommends Nancy’s services to colleagues.

Nancy offers a truly personalized service,” Regeena said, “and I’m always happy to send people her way.”

Jennifer Elgart – A fortunate LinkedIn connection request…

August 10, 2015

Jennifer Elgart

A fortunate LinkedIn connection request in 2010 led Jennifer Elgart to one of the best opportunities of her career. David Silverstein connected with Jennifer about an opportunity with Citibank which Jennifer “Nailed on the first interview.” For close to three years after being hired she worked with an amazing group at Citi. Since then David has been her go-to resource when she is considering a new opportunity. “David really prepared me for my interview with Citi by knowing the personalities in the group and coaching me on how to interview with them.”  

Jennifer has seen quite a change in recruiting since she started a short decade ago. “There are many more sites to search for resumes, new platforms like LinkedIn. It used to just be Monster and Careerbuilder.” 

When asked why someone would use an agency like HR Search Partners Jennifer offered, “David knows his clients very well, knows their personality and can place them in the right environment.” Jennifer describes David as “Outgoing, friendly and honest. He wants what is best for his clients. He isn’t always just trying to fill a role but more so getting his clients in the right place.” Jennifer plans to stay in touch with David as long as she is in Human Resources, even if it’s just to catch up or say hello.

Randi Kester – A superior leader is a person who can bring ordinary people together to achieve extraordinary results…

July 1, 2015

Randi Kester

A wise man once said, “A superior leader is a person who can bring ordinary people together to achieve extraordinary results,” and HR Search Partners’ Nancy Zucker is a perfect example of a superior leader, just ask Randi Kester.

Randi is an accomplished human resource professional with more than 25 years of HR experience who has worked with large brands such as Showtime and the Sundance Channel. Randi has been working with Nancy for several years now, and with Nancy’s help, was able to hire two great additions to her Talent Acquisition team

“I was so impressed with her knowledge and passion that I turned to her for assistance when looking for hires,” said Randi.

While Vice President of Human Resource at a large, well-known software company, Randi was tasked with the difficult challenge of hiring a new senior recruiter. With not much time to spare, Randi turned to Nancy for help, and in less than two months, Nancy was able to find and secure the perfect candidate for Randi.

“Nancy really puts a lot of time, effort and attention into each search,” Randi said. “Cultural fit at a job is so important, and Nancy understands the need to recruit individuals whose values and beliefs align with those of the organization.”

Randi was so thrilled and satisfied with the work that Nancy did for her, that she referred her to a friend in Baltimore.

“Nancy really wastes no time,” Randi said. “Working with her is always a pleasure, and she really is my go-to person.”

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