What We Do

HR Search Partners, a division of Howard-Sloan Search, Inc., handles permanent placement and consulting/temp staffing for all HR professionals and Office Support staffLess

HR Search Partners handles full-time and contract work for all HR professionals and Office Support staff in every industry. We rely on the “human” approach and prefer to meet face to face whenever possible, visiting with our clients at their work sites and meeting our candidates at our offices. We strive to perfectly match a company client’s job description with an appropriate candidate. We do not rely on what other people say about a company’s hiring manager or a candidate’s past, and we truly get to know the people we help.

At HRSP, we offer a combination of traditional and contemporary methods. We still communicate the old-fashioned way, meeting and speaking directly to people, but we also take advantage of the latest technology and all available media–phone first, then email, text, Linked In, Facebook and more. Although we focus on the tri-state area, we do accept clients with offices around the United States when we are sure we can be successful.

We truly “partner” with our clients, treating them as complete people and not just hiring managers or candidates. We help our candidates assess what is best for their “whole” lives, balancing family, career and other interests, not just the best short-term “job.” In addition, we try to acquire a deep appreciation of our clients’ business goals and corporate environment. We drill down to ensure that the candidates we introduce to you are not only impeccably qualified but also entirely compatible with your organization. We can help you determine if it makes the most sense to hire a “temp to perm” or a full-timer with benefits.

For us, the initial assignment is just the beginning of what we hope will be an enduring, long-term partnership. That’s why we put so much effort into learning about your company: your management philosophy, corporate culture, confidentiality concerns, diversity goals, competitive profile, technological requirements and everything else you feel is relevant to making a productive hire. As a result, we can attest to relationships lasting more than 15 years with many of our clients. The team of recruiters and researchers have established a reputation as professional, friendly, respectful and discreet, always available to discuss sensitive and confidential matters such as future staffing, compensation, employee relations and office support.

We regularly stay in touch with both past and potential clients, keeping lines of communication open with those who aren’t currently looking along with those who may have a need down the road. When you require outstanding talent in any human resource discipline, you should rely on a proven and dedicated search specialist, and HR Search Partners offers an unparalleled history of success.